Computer (Mis)Adventures

The arrival of the Internet in India was hailed as a great technological advance, one of the great leaps froward in communications technology. And it is, no doubt. The only thing is, I have a sneaky feeling that I'm not quite suited to this particular mode of technology. Or maybe, vice-versa.
Any of my trips to the dozens of Internet cafes all over town are enough to prove my point. First of all, let's not forget that one particular type of 'cafe' specializes in blaring loud music, usually of the 'remixed' kind, which is enough to addle the brains of even a seasoned Net surfer. Once the music is gotten accustmed to, there are the computers themselves. On two consecutive visits, the machine which I was given to work on, mysteriously shut itself up and retreated into a dark, blank screen, as if to protect itself from harm. I panicked and summoned the person in charge of the place, who gave me a frown which did nothing to alleviate the feeling that I had "done" something to his precious machine.
If the computer condescends to stay turned on and functioning, there are other glitches. Like the numerous "messenger" programs that cheerily promise to let you be in touch with your online friends. Well, even that has a problem with yours truly. Several attempts to log on are met with a blunt, "the messenger was unable to connect. What do you want to do?", followed by a list of Greek and Latin options. Well, I think, what I really want to do right now, is cause serious damage to all computers on earth. Instead, I summon the caretaker of the place, who by now, is giving me the sort of look I don't like. After a bit of jiggery pokery with the said messenger, he soothingly assures me that that particular program has been a little under the weather for the past few days.
Well, all said and done, one has to still make one's peace with the almighty computers, or risk being left way behind in today's Netcentric world. That reminds me, I have some e-mails to send...