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                                                           QUIZ   RESULT
We have received lots of Entries but unfortunately No Entry has all correct answers.
The only participant who has got 9 Answer correct is
Mr.Nitin Katkamwar.

The correct answer is given in RED.

1. Who composed Mahabharata?

A. Tulsidas   B. Valmiki    C. Surdas       D.Ved Vyas
2. Who's wife was Gandhari ?
A. Dhrutrashtra  B. Pandu  C. Vidur  D. Krupacharya.
3. Who was the son of Kunti ?
A. Duryodhan B. Karna C. Abhimanyu  D. Dushashan.
4. Which place was the Capital of Kaurava ?
A. Hastinapur B. Indraprasta C. Mathura D. Dwarka

5. Through which ceremony Draupati choose her husband 
A. Swayamvara  B.Gandhrva Vivah  C. Arrange Marriage
   D. None
of these.
6. Who was First Commander-in-Chief of Kaurava army ?  
A. Ashvasthama B. Karna C. Bhisma  D. Shalya
7. Pandav deputed Abhimanyu to destroy which
   arrangement ?

A. Chakravyu B. Amogh Shakti C. Lakshagrah D.None of

8. Who killed Duryodhan?
A. Nakul  B. Bhim C. Arjun D.Sahdev
9. Who was Parikshit?
A. Uttra's Son B. Draupadi's Son C. Kaikeyi's Son 
   D. Sita's Son

10. Who was the wife of Duryodhan ?
A. Amba  B. Bhanumati  C.Shikhandi D. Uttara

The above questions are compiled by Miss Megha Rathi. VIII Class Student of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , Civil Lines, Nagpur.


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