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Looking Good

Fashion, as someone once said, is something that comes in one year and goes out the other. Well, that holds good even today, although the fashion scene in Nagpur is very different from that in Mumbai or Delhi. Trends, such as they are, are mostly imported from the metros and often take a while to catch on. This is not to say that Nagpur lacks fashion conciousness- it certainly has its share of trendy people! So let's take a look at what's the 'in' thing for this season...

Keeping in view the cloudy days, bright shades are no longer taboo now that the rainy season has officially arrived. The favourite colours on the catwalks seem to be hot pink and electric blue; however this depends on your individual tastes as no particular colour can ever really be "out" at any given time. So as far as colours go, everything from lime green to deep reds will do fine.

There has been a recent interest in the cuts and styles of the 60's when it comes to kurtas; however these styles tend to be quite merciless to those who have less-than-perfect figures, so treat them with caution. After all you cannot compromise on looking good in what you wear, even if it means staying away from the latest look. Remember that very few of us are likely to carry it off as effortlessly as Karisma Kapoor on the big screen! One always has the option of sticking to safe, yet elegant, flowing and classic cuts in diaphanous fabrics and flattering colours.

Floaty pastel shirts teamed with perfectly cut straight trousers also saw a comeback this season; the hot prints are florals and other soft romantic motifs inspired by spring. Sequins and subtly shiny fabrics are still around, and if wisely used, can add the right zing to even daytime outfits. For nightwear accessories, glittery handbags and shoes with barely-there straps are in. Again, a word of caution if you want to go in for cigarette-slim Capri pants: these do nothing for those with a heavy frame and are best suited for slim and tall builds.

Some evergreen options :