Why the Cricket players fix the match?Even they get the miney if they Won or if they Lost the game?I want to know way they do it?
Easy money! What else. The more U get it, the more U need it. Who cares for Motherland, honesty, integrity. These have become bookish obselate terms. The bloody cricketers have played with our sentiments. We have heard of people dying of an heart attack during a match. Shame on such players. They are killers!!!
Afterall its the money who changes their mind. Everybody wants to be rich in short time as possible.Its the money only because of which the big games are played in whole world in all the fields. There is a short of patriotic & sincere people in the world. Many of them play for money only. Its quite natural if one is getting a lot at a time without any efforts, then how can he stop himself?
But definitely it is one's soul, that how sincere you are to yourself. The playres are forgetting their main aims.
Actually it is money, Now a days there is lot of money involved in the cricket. In earlier days this was not the case so the plays were concentrating on the game only. But now a days this concentration has been diverted towards money and fame no one is really worried about money. An the fact of India is that the most powerfull person is the one who has lot of money. If you have money, you can come out of any scam..So Finally it is a money game not Cricket.