Information on Foreign Studies(USA)

With increasing awareness among students nowadays, more and more of them are aspiring to go abroad, particularly to the United States. TOEFL, GRE, GMAT: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Graduate Record Examination and Graduate Management Admission Test are the examinations that one needs to write in order to become eligible for going to the US for further studies. Anyone who has completed 16 years of education can appear for these exams.

The TOEFL tests are administered every month, either on a Friday or a Saturday. The GRE and GMAT can be taken on any day according to your convenience, as these are computer based tests.All major cities in India are test centres, but unfortunately Nagpur has yet to attain that status, so all TOEFL GMAT and GRE aspirants have to appear for the exams from one of these cities.

GRE is for those intending to pursue a Master of Science (MS) or Master of Arts (MA), while GMAT is for MBA aspirants. In most instances, TOEFL is to be compulsorily taken by students of all streams.The TOEFL is a test of your general proficiency in English only, as opposed to the GRE and GMAT which test your analytical and mathematical skills in addition to your verbal (English) proficiency.The results of your TOEFL take about five weeks to reach you, while the GRE and GMAT results are given to you on the same day as you write the exam.

Your GRE is scored out of 2400 marks, GMAT 800 and TOEFL 677. None of these  exams carry negative scoring.The forms for registering yourself in these exams can be had from the following address:

Institute of Psychological Education and Measurement(IPEM)
119-25/A, Mahatma Gandhi Marg,
Allahabad- 211001.

The forms are free of charge. After going through the bulletins that accompany the forms, one has to send the exam fees along with the completed form, which are $90 and $130 for TOEFL and GRE, respectively.This comes to around Rs. 4,000 and Rs.6,000 approx.All information can be had from the websites and respectively.


Be sure to go through the instructions regarding payment of fees and filling of forms carefully, as there are several specific instructions.

Also, you need to have a valid passport as it has to be presented before entering the exam hall as your primary identification document.

Make a habit of photocopying all forms for your own reference before you send off the originals.