Here is a selection of places worth visiting around Nagpur. More information can be had from Maharashtra  Tourism Development Corporation, ph no:533325 and Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, ph. no:523374. These places are given according to the distance from Nagpur,so it will be easier for you to select a site according to how much time you have on hand.


Pench National Park: Situated around 86kms. from Nagpur, this National Park is a place good for a day's visit. It is built around the Pench Irrigation project, a joint venture of the Maharashtra and MP Governments.This park is also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Udyan.
Ramtek: This place has been immortalised by the visit of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman, hence the name Ramtek. The place is also famous as the place where the poet Kalidas composed his epic "Meghdoot". The main attractions here are the Ram temple which is more than 600 years old, as well as the Jain temple which has some beautiful carvings and sculpture.Ramtek is about 50 kms. from Nagpur.
Khindsi: Famous mainly for its large and picturesque lake. Boating facilities are also offered. Khindsi is very close to Ramtek, in fact you can combine the two places in a single trip.
Nagzira: This is a wildlife sanctuary spread over 136 kms.Animals you can spot include tigers, bison, nilgai, barking deer and panthers. Accomodation is provided by Youth Hostels as well as Guest Houses.The ideal season to visit Nagzira is from January to June. It is around 132 kms from Nagpur.
Melghat: Another good bet for wildlife viewing, since it is known for the Project Tiger.The current tiger population stands at about 120.
Chikhaldara: Vidarbha's only hill station. About 240 Km from Nagpur. Situated on the ranges of Satpura at a height if 1118 mtrs, it is Maharastra's only coffee growing area. According to legend Bhima killed
Kichak here and threw him in the valley so this place came to be known Kichakdara, and
later Chikhaldara. Tourist Places: Bhimkund, Nehru Vanaspati Udyan, Adivasi museum, Sunset Point,
Gavilgad Fort, Semadoh & Shakkar tanks, Shiv Temple. Excursions: Narnala fort, Melghat
Tiger Project. Accomodation: MTDC Resort.
Ambakhori: Situated around 60kms. from Nagpur.It is best in winter, though it tends to be crowded on weekends.It is yet to be developed to its full potential.Waterfalls and a forest are the main attractions.
Pachmarhi: Situated around 325 kms away, it is a popular getaway from the urban stress and strain.The main attraction is Chauragarh which is a shrine to Lord Shiva(Mahadev).Also, the Pandava caves and the Bee falls attract a lot of tourists.
Totladoh:About 40 kms. from Nagpur, it is good for a day's picnic. The main attraction is a dam.
Navegaon:Situated around 132kms. from Nagpur. Apart from wildlife viewing, the main attractions are the deer park, the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, gardens and a children's park. Other activities include power boating and sail boating at the lake situated in the midst of hill ranges.
Bison Retreat:About 100kms. away from Nagpur, it is a charming retreat situated in the midst of a willife sanctuary.
Bandhavgarh:This is a small National Park which is, nevertheles, quite densely populated in terms of wildlife. Animals you may spot include bison, Barking deer, sambar and nilgai, besides tigers. Bandhavgarh is also known as White Tiger Country. Bandhavgarh Fort is also a great attraction, situated atop a hill and thought to be around 2,000 years old. The best way to reach would be from Jablapur from where it is around rail.
Bhedaghat:Jabalpur is the nearest major town from Bhedaghat and taxis, buses etc. are available from there. The Marble Rocks( limestone cliffs on the Narmada) are an immensely popular tourist destination. Also worth seeing are the Dhuandhar Falls on the Narmada, and the Chausat Yogini temple.
Kanha:This National Park, spread over 940sq.kms., is home to tigers and the rare hardground barasingha, among other wildlife.The convenient entry point into the Park is through Mukki which is 259 kms. from Nagpur via Nainpur and Chiraidongri. The Park is closed from July 1st to October 31st., and the best season is from February to June.